Your Style

Your style says who you are without even having to say anything. Find the right style for you by checking out our wide array of brands.


Definition: Edgy, Witty, Street

You are avant-garde and use your sense of fashion to make a statement. Your style is futuristic in nature and independent of the opinion of others. Swag is your individual style, edgy, unusual, out of the ordinary.


Definition: Elegant, Whimsical, Diva, Female

You are fascinated by the allure of old Hollywood glitz and romance. You seek top designer brands and are always fashionably dressed in the latest trends.


Definition: Unusual, Witty, Surprising

You are extraordinary in all that you do. Funny and off the beaten path, you require a unique finish that reflects your uncommon and sometimes quirky style.


Definition: Athletic, Dynamic, Sleek, Strong

You lead an active lifestyle and need something that can keep up with you. You are energetic and strong and require fashion that is striking to match your personality.


Definition: Kids, Teens, Petite

Your personality reflects the vitality and freshness of youth. You are not afraid to add colour to your life. These brands tend to be on the smaller end of the size spectrum and are suited to petite faces.


Definition: Timeless, Minimal, Always Relevant

You are inspired by traditional and enduring styles. You lean towards the conservative side but your style can be relevant in any period. You prefer to let you be the focus of attention rather than what you are wearing.


Definition: Brash, Urban, Unexpected, Deep

You are an adventurer full of raw vitality and energy. Your style is in contrast to others and you prefer to stand out from the crowd.


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