Caring for Your Eyewear

Frames and Sunglasses

Your eyewear is of high quality and guaranteed for one year against manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship. However, careful handling and cleaning is still necessary. Taking care of your eyewear is very simple if you practise the following:

  • Eyewear should be washed daily with tap water and dishwashing liquid, before being dried with a cotton cloth or the microfibre cloth.
  • Also use the Ferreria Optical microfibre cloth to clean your eyewear, to avoid scratches from dust on the lens surface, The cloth itself should be washed regularly.
  • Practise using both hands to remove your eyewear. This would put less pressure on one hinge, and help to maintain the original alignment.
  • Avoid excessive tightening of hinges. A healthy hinge is one that moves freely.
  • Never lay your eyewear face down, to avoid scratches on the lenses or frame.
  • Secure your eyewear in its case when not in use.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat, e.g. on the dashboard of a vehicle. Plastic frames are especially affected.
  • In the event of damage, please seek our assistance. Avoid attempting your own repairs as this may result in irreparable damage.

Anti-Reflective Coating

These simple steps will allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits from your new Anti-Reflective coated lenses.

  • Wash with tap water and dishwashing liquid once a day. Also use an Anti-Reflective Coating Cleaner. Do not ‘dry-wipe’ your lenses (rub with a dry cloth) as dust on the lens may scratch the coating.
  • Gently dry your lenses with a clean , soft cotton cloth; not a facial tissue as this leaves lint and not a paper towel and it is abrasive.
  • If lenses appear streaked, check your detergent. Those containing creams, lotions and softeners should be avoided.
  • If water is not available and the lenses are too dirty, use Ferreria Optical’s special microfibre cloth which was designed to clean without the need for liquid. First, brush away dust with the folded cloth, then unfold and gently wipe the lens surface.
  • Periodically machine-wash the cloth with laundry soap and water, without adding fabric softener, to remove dirt and oils that can damage your lenses.
  • Avoid perfume spray, hair spray, household spray cleaners, abrasive cleaners, bleaches, ammonias and other chemicals. Sprays adhere to the coating and cannot be removed. Abrasive cleaners scratch the coating, while chemicals weaken it.
  • Do not place in areas of excessive heat such as car dashboards and stove tops. Excessive heat deteriorates your coating.
  • Never ‘dry clean’ lenses at the beach. Salt in sea-blast and sand, if not washed away, can damage your lenses.
  • To avoid scratches, never lay eyewear face down. Always keep in a clean case.


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