The Soul of the Caribbean

If you live in the Caribbean or have ever set foot on our beautiful shores, there is one soul vibe you’re sure to melt into. Warm people with a love for colour and music. And so, SoCaribbean Eyewear (or Soca Eyewear for short), was born from our love of our homeland, reflects through eyewear, the soul of the Caribbean.

When creating this brand, we wanted it to truly represent the culture, with loud pops of color and bold prints, symbolizing the energy and unique spirit that can only be found among Caribbean people.
We introduce to you, quality, stylish frames that beat in harmony with the vibration and the pockets of the whole community.

The Brian Lara Vision Collection embodies the journey of a living legend and a hero in the world of cricket. We set out to create a collection which represents the passion Brian Lara brought to the sport and the same held by supporters as he graced the fields. We pay homage to the game and monumental history making moments whilst marrying the sophistication and transition Brian Lara has made from the field to beyond. This collection started from a desire to give wearers a sense of pride, reminders that winning is always an option and becoming a legend always starts with a vision.

The Brian Lara Vision Collection has three tiers representing the journey of Lara’s career and his growth even beyond cricket. It covers The Brian Charles Lara Limited Edition, The Brian Lara Icon Series and The Lara Conqueror Series. There are varying elements of cricket – the wicket, the cork ball, the bat, Brian Lara’s signature pose and his autograph etched into every temple. This vision collection embodies a marriage of sophistication, style and conservative glam.

Emmanuel Nissi Eyewear is simple yet sophisticated, with not too many design elements to disturb a person’s complete look, but with just enough to lift to leave an impression. This brand was developed to cater to Caribbean Faces and bring a new experience to the customer. Coming in a palette of colours and designs, Nissi promises to bring style, fashion, fun and even sophistication.


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