Your Appointment

Our qualified Optometrists recommend that you should have an eye examination at least every year to two years. At Ferreira Optical Ltd we are proud to offer a fully comprehensive eye examination. Eye examinations check the health of your eyes for conditions such as Glaucoma and Cataracts as well as detect any changes in your prescription. Contact lens fittings can also be done by our Optometrists. Ferreira Optical Ltd also offers supplementary tests such as Visual Field Testing and Colour Vision Testing.

Arranging the appointment

Your eye examination can be arranged in person, by telephone, or online via this website. Please provide the following basic information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone contact number
  • Postal address
  • Your email address
  • State if you are Diabetic
  • Your preferred date and time of appointment
  • Your occupation

Whether the appointment is for an eye examination or a contact lens fitting examination.

Confirmation of appointment

One day before your eye examination you will receive a confirmation call.

Some Ferreira Optical branches do offer a walk in eye examination service.

For further information, please call any of our conveniently located branches for more information.


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