Ordering your Spectacles

Once your eye examination is complete your Optometrist will hand you over to our Customer Service Representative who will guide you through our frame selection and explanation of offers.

Getting the right fit

Having chosen the frame that you like, you are now ready for the final stage. Our qualified Dispensing Optician will expertly ensure that the fit, style, comfort and performance of your completed spectacles will satisfy your visual and lifestyle needs. Ferreira Optical offers professional advice on appropriate choice of frames, lenses and lens treatments. Our experienced, qualified Dispensing Opticians can ensure that you purchase spectacles which best suit your lifestyle and prescription. To guarantee this it is important to:

  • Bring your old spectacles with you
  • Discuss any problems you may have had with your previous spectacles so that the problem will not be repeated
  • Discuss any personal preferences in style of frame, lenses or lens treatments

When your spectacles are ready

You will be notified when your spectacles are ready for collection. At this stage our Dispensing Opticians will ensure that:

  • You can see clearly at the recommended distances
  • Your spectacles are adjusted for maximum comfort
  • You understand how to handle and care for your new spectacles
  • You understand how to use your new spectacles

From collection till your next eye examination our Dispensing Opticians will be there to address any of your visual concerns.

Other services

Other services include:

  • Eyewear adjustments
  • Eyewear repairs


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