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Anti-Reflective Coating

Clear vision is possible day and night with Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC).

What is ARC?

Anti-reflective coating is applied to the surface of the lens to eliminate reflective glare. This coating improves both your vision through your lenses and the appearance of your eyewear.

Why consider ARC?

  • Improves vision
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Eliminates glare
  • Faster recognition of road hazards

Which ARC is right for me?

Green Satin ARC:

  • Reduces reflective glare
  • Provides greater comfort during prolonged computer use
  • Sharper vision with less glare when driving at night
  • Provides smudge and dust resistance
  • Improves lenses ability to resist scratches
  • Makes cleaning easier

Blue Satin ARC (Premium):

  • Allows the transmission of good blue light
  • Assists in regulating the body’s sleeping pattern
  • Reduces the amount of bad blue light entering the eye
  • Plus, all other benefits of Green Satin ARC

Transitions® Gen8 Lenses

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses fit every lifestyle and every age. Not only do they adjust from fully clear indoors to the perfect tint outdoors, but they also block dangerous UV rays and filter Harmful Blue Light, which can be found outdoors and from digital devices.

Transitions® Gen8: the fastest lens delivering all the benefits that patients want: protection, outdoor darkness, full indoor clarity, responsiveness and long-lasting performance.

Why Gen8?

  • Faster Activation and Fadeback: darkens up to 30% faster and fades back up to 3 mins faster
  • Even Darker Fade
  • Fully Clear Indoors
  • Ultimate Eye Protection: blocks 100% UVA and UVB rays
  • Longer Lasting performance

Ask us today about getting the ultimate eye protection technology, Transitions®Gen8.

Varilux® Progressive Lenses

The world’s first progressive lens was invented by Essilor in 1959. Since then, Essilor continues to constantly push the boundaries of innovation to bring you sharp, more natural vision with smooth transitions from near to far.

Vision changes as you age, but it shouldn’t get in the way of how you live, work, and play. Unlike bifocals or ordinary progressive lenses, only Varilux® progressive lenses help you achieve the most natural vision possible. Varilux® progressive lenses appear clear throughout, unlike the distracting lines of a bifocal lens.


Progressive lenses vs. Bifocals


Bifocal lenses are created with two different areas of vision correction, which are divided by a distinct line that sits horizontally across the lens. The top portion of the lens is used for distance, while the bottom portion of the lens is used for closer vision.

Ever hear of no-line bifocals? Well, this is simply another term for progressives. Like regular bifocals, progressives provide a graduated range of vision that varies from distant to near, all without a line across the lens. Progressive lenses have multiple vision distances, including intermediate, which is perfect for computer usage.


Bifocal lenses only allow you to clearly see far away and up close. Objects at arm’s length will still appear blurry. Additionally, there is an abrupt change between the near and far viewing areas.

Varilux® progressive lenses provide sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance.

Varilux® is the world’s #1 progressive lens brand and most recommended by eyecare professionals.


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