Eyezen Lenses

Introducing Eyezen™ Start Lenses

From smartphone, to tablet, to television, to laptop

Connected life is creating new visual demands on our everyday lives.

Understanding the Disconnect

Current Single Vision technology simply does not address the needs of today’s wearers:

  • Closer and varying distances of use:
    – Smartphone = 13 inches
    – Tablets / Laptop = 15 inches
    – Television = 25 inches
  • Different postures and lower gaze
  • Bright and harmful blue light
  • Smaller and pixelated characters

Today’s single vision lenses are optimized for far vision only. So what happens when users spend most of their time on digital devices that are held much closer?

With the increasing use of digital devices, eye strain is more likely to occur. Up close, our eyes are constantly strained which can lead to visual fatigue.

Your eyes are working harder throughout the day with unoptimized lenses.

Essilor introduces THE NEW GENERATION of single vision lenses:

Protect your eyes with newest lens designed for digital use, Eyezen™ Start 

A modern solution for all single vision wearers.


What is Eyezen™ Start?

  • A single vision lens
    that brings an optimized vision for all tasks and needs, at every point on the lens.
  • Optimized with advanced design technology
    W.A.V.E Technology:
    Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement® technology reduces high order aberrations, strongly affecting image quality, for unsurpassed sharpness and contrast in all gaze directions.
  • Optimized up-close use thanks to new groundbreaking technology
    – Maintaining the wearer prescription throughout the lens
    – Optimizing the bottom part of the lens according to vertical gaze direction and wearer convergence


New behaviours:

  • Wearer adopts a rigid posture when using digital devices, head remains fixed and perpendicular to the body
  • Distance of use with digital devices is shorter than with a book or newspaper
    The smaller the screen, the shorter the distance
  • Eye inclination is lower with digital devices

Why Eyezen™ Start?

  • The first single vision lens that uses two points to optimize the lens, addressing all viewing distances and gaze directions.
  • It reduces power errors and unwanted astigmatism in the near vision zone by up to 60%
  • Brings sharper and vivid vision with W.A.V.E. technology for unsurpassed sharpness and contrast in all gaze directions
  • Blocks at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light
  • Clear in color and appearance


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