Ferreira Optical for Literacy

What is FOL for Literacy?

Ferreira Optical for Literacy presents an opportunity for us to make reading exciting, learning interesting and development a natural progression. “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader…” We aim to raise the level of awareness of the importance of literacy and education.

Why is literacy important?

The power of literacy is not simply the ability to read and write, but more so a person’s capacity to apply these skills to effectively connect, interpret and discern the intricacies of the world in which they live. Our biggest and most valuable resource is our people. Investing in the youth is an invaluable contribution to our tomorrow. FOL for Literacy represents a bridge between recognition, comprehension and analysis.

FOL For Literacy

This campaign includes:

  • Partnership with Adult Literacy Tutors Association (ALTA)
    Empowering adults with literacy
    Since launching in 1992, ALTA is the only non-profit organisation locally that provides a comprehensive and structured adult literacy programme.
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Take Reading Viral Publicly
    Public Reading Hubs at popular hot spots nationwide.
  • Camp for Kids
    One (1) day camp for children where learning and knowledge is combined in a fun environment.


Let’s make literacy our key to success.



Partnership with ALTA

Part 2

Part 1


Getting Your Child Reading


Episode 10: Fluency

Episode 9: Memory Strengthening

Episode 8: Sight Words

Episode 7: Syllables


Episode 6: Sounding Out Words (Blending)

Episode 5: Vowels

Episode 4: Teaching the ABC’s Phonics

Episode 3: Laying a Strong Foundation

Episode 2: Reading Aloud

Episode 1: Turn it Off

Leaders in Training (L.I.T) Camp

Leaders in Training Camp 2019

Leaders in Training Camp


Reading Out Loud

Serah Dookie

Rachelle Ruiz

Patrice Millien

Jarrod Best-Mitchell

Jillian “JD” Gibbs

Keevan ‘Keevo’ Lewis



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